❤️ Helping Teotihuacan Paws 🐾


Over the years Teotihuacan has given us the opportunity to transform many lives, and as a true advocate and animal lover, it feels good to be able to give back to the community and help stray dogs that live in the area.

Last year we helped rescue nine puppies. Some of them where very ill and we helped them get back to health so they can get adopted, and have an opportunity to live and have a good family and a place they can call home.

Join us in Helping Teotihuacan Paws!!!

We will have more information coming soon in case you are interested in helping us to help them. With your support there is so much more we could do to better their lives.

It’s been such a beautiful feeling seeing them healthy and in homes, and be part of family that loves them!!!

If we are going to use our intent, it’s going to be to help our little buddies. 🐾


This is how Helping Teotihuacan Paws started


Puppy #1

This was the first puppy we helped. Someone poisoned him we didn’t know if he was goin to make it or be brain dead. He survived and returned to his pack.


He was crying not moving and people just passed by ignoring him. Natalie saw him and told me the locals where saying we probably have to put him down, and I said not today. I went to pick him up, and that’s when Federico and Vicky Introduce me to Dr Leonel who did everything to save him and now he runs back with his pack.


Puppy #2

Jr and Teo love at first sight.

Jr and Teo love at first sight.

Natalie, Miguel jr, jose, and teo

Natalie, Miguel jr, jose, and teo

Jr went for a run and found this little one. He brought it to us and we took him to the vet. He got all his vaccinations shots and everything he needed and returned back with Jr as a new member of his family.


Puppy #3


The day they said they Are coming home with us. ❤️

This little one was part of a pack of 6 puppies. They were getting eaten by lice, fleas, ticks and had skin diseases. They all got cured and all of them are in a new home with families.


Puppy #4 #5 #6

sunny beAns baby getting ready to travel to his new home

sunny beAns baby getting ready to travel to his new home


Puppy #7


And just like that, our little furry friends got a new life.

Two other puppies got adopted by local families in Teotihuacan. Vicky and Federico also adopted one of them, and their nieces and nephews who had just lost their parents, got to add a new member to their family, and are helping them heal.

Teotihuacan is such a magical place, and to be able to give back makes us happy, and grateful that we can make a difference.

We get to experience the Power Journey when we arrive in Teotihuacan, and in our break time we get to help Teotihuacan Paws!!!


Don Jose Ruiz, Natalie Gil Eklof, Karla Ruiz, Vicky, Federico and our Teotihuacan Angel Veterinarian Leonel Torres Castillo

❤️️HTP 🐾


When you do good, you feel good.
— President Abraham Lincoln