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SUPER SOUL SUNDAY: Oprah and don Miguel Ruiz March 3, 2013. Aired on OWN by Oprah.

SUPER SOUL SUNDAY: Soul to Soul with don Miguel Ruiz March 3, 2013. Aired on OWN by Oprah.



How Death Helped This Man Find Life, Interview with don Miguel Ruiz - on Thrive on Live with @CaroMT! -HuffPostLive


02/06/2017 – Interview with don Miguel Ruiz – Peter Bregman Podcast

01/22/2017 – Entrevista a Don Miguel Ruiz Jr – Liz Arguedas

01/24/2017 – Interview with don Miguel Ruiz Jr – Lisa McDonald


11/2015. Quién es Miguel Ruiz? Entrevista con Univision -Con Luis Sandoval.

10/20/2015 - don Miguel Ruiz talks with Insight Events. - With Jacob Nordby.

10/09/2015 - don Miguel Ruiz talks with KGNU - With Duncan Campbell.

8/17/2015 -“I have realised that judgements are mere illusions” - Interview with don Jose Ruiz. . Printed interview with Complete Wellbeing

4/2015 - Online Event with Kute Blackson. Interview with don Miguel Ruiz

04/2015 - “I don Jose Ruiz: Claiming Responsibility for Our Own Happiness Interview with don Jose Ruiz. 


08/2014- Don Jose and Don Miguel interview with Katy Koontz, Unity Magazine

06/07/2014 - Don Miguel Ruiz interview with David Essel - Don Miguel Ruiz

4/2/2014 - How one man's journey is inspiring others - Life Purpose Advisor Podcast - Huffpost Live.

4/2014 - OMTimes exclusive interview with Don Miguel Ruiz -Printed interview by Jill Mangino.

03/15/ 2014 - The Evolution Revolution with Don Jose Ruiz - Santa Barbara, CA.

2014 - Living in Oneness Summit with Humanity's Team - Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz


10/22/2013 – 4 Reasons You’re Stressed at Work– Maria Coder

10/03/2013 - Authors Don Miguel Ruiz And Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. Talk About Crossover Success - Video interview By Carlos AnayaCarlos MayorgaFox News Latino.

10/2013 - Don Miguel Ruiz & Don Jose Ruiz - Audio interview by by Sarah Rozenthuler.

09/3/2013 – Entrevista con don Miguel Ruiz, El Pais, Colombia (En Español)

08/18/2013 - America Meditating - Special Edition - Don Miguel Ruiz

08/05/2013 - El chamán tolteca y autor del 'Best seller' 'Los cuatro acuerdos' hablará el domingo en Cali. - El Tiempo, Colombia.

08/04/2013 - GRAND Magazine interviews don Miguel Ruiz. . Printed Interview by Susan reynolds, based on an interview by Pat Burns.

09/05/2013 - Crónicas de Salud con Ethel Soriano entrevista a don Miguel Ruiz y don Jose Ruiz PT 2. - en Español

08/16/2013 - Conflict Healing - Don Miguel Ruiz

08/3/2013 - Descubre cómo ser feliz; El Quinto Acuerdo. Entrevista a don Miguel Ruiz y don Jose Ruiz PT1. - Crónicas de Salud con Ethel Soriano -

07/23/2013 - Interview with don Jose Ruiz Spiritually Speaking W/ Sarah  

07/31/2013 - The Five Levels of Attachment - Patricia Albere

6/21/2013 – How Do We Construct The Dream of Us? – don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

06/17/2013 - The Agreements of Life - Ein Weg zur Freiheit und Wurde

06/14/2013 - O World Project Interview - Toltec - Don Miguel Ruiz

06/9/2013 – don Miguel Ruiz Junior & Senior – by OM Times Magazine

06/8/2013 - New Agreements for Living with don Miguel Ruiz Sr. : Interview by Angela Levesque

06/8/2013 - New Agreements for Living with don Miguel Ruiz Jr. : Interview by Dirk Terpstra of

06/04/2013 - Interview with don Miguel Ruiz - Amber-Allen Publishing Inc.

06/01/2013 - Interview with don Miguel Ruiz.  by Susan Gregg

05/10/2013 – What am I? don Miguel Ruiz Jr. on being Mexican-American, Mestizo,Toltec – by NBC Latino

04/18/2013 – ‘The Four Agreements’ Gets a Boost From Oprah’s ‘Super Soul Sunday’ – by Publisher’s Weekly

04/16/2013 - Programa Hoy-Televisa, entrevista a don Miguel Ruiz. ~ en Español

04/04/2013 - don Miguel Ruiz, MD and don Miguel Ruiz, Jr interview by The Best Ever You Show.

04/04/2013 - don Miguel Ruiz : "Soy de Tijuana" Entrevista exclusiva con el autor del libro “Los cuatro acuerdos” por San Diego Red interview by The Best Ever You Show.

04/05/2013 – Knowledge Are you using it, or is it Using you? – by Whole Living Journal

03/28/2013 - Exclusive Interview with Bestselling Author Don Miguel Ruiz by DIRK TERPSTRA – SUPER SOULS FOUNDER

03/28/2013 - Don Miguel Ruiz, Author of The Four Agreements, Discusses Life, Death & the Afterlife. with Bob Olson

03/18/2013 - Your Health is Your Wealth with Dr. Cindy Anderson interviews don Jose Ruiz

03/18/2013 - Sunny Side Up with Jessie May interviews don Miguel Ruiz Jr. & Sr.

03/04/2013 - Don Miguel Ruiz: La filosofía de vida del artista, entrevista con Vívelo Hoy~ en Español

03/03/2013 - Oprah and don Miguel Ruiz: The Four Agreements- by OWN

03/03/2013 - don Miguel Ruiz on Super Soul Sunday: videos & articles -by OWN

03/01/2013 - Miguel Ruiz, Jr. talks about being raised in a Toltec family, and his new book - by NBC Latino

03/01/2013 - Truly Alive interviews don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

03/01/2013 – don Miguel Ruiz: The Power of Doubt – by OWN

02/28/2013 - Oprah Winfrey y los Cuatro Acuerdos de Miguel Ruiz por Vívelo Hoy~ en Español

02/28/2013 - AARP VIVA entrevista a don Miguel Ruiz ~ en Español

02/21/2013 - San Diego Fox 5 News interviews don Miguel Jr. and don Miguel Ruiz

02/27/2013 – Don Miguel Ruiz’s Prayers for Freedom and Love – by OWN

02/27/2013 – The Day That Changed don Miguel Ruiz’s Life Forever – by OWN

02/27/2013 – How to live The Four Agreements: Q&A with don Miguel Ruiz – by OWN

02/26/2013 – Recommended Reading: The Fifth Agreement – by OWN

02/26/2013 – Book It! Favorite Moticational Books -The Four Agreements – by Advantages Magazine

02/19/2013 - Best-selling author to speak about Toltecs - by The Ventura County Star

02/08/2013 – Are You Using Knowledge, or Is Knowledge Using You? – Huffington Post

02/06/2013 - Mental Health Exposed with Mike Bundrant interviews don Miguel Ruiz

01/30/2013 - Sara, Spirit interviews don Jose Ruiz

01/18/2013 – The Word of Lance Armstrong – FOXBusiness

01/18/2013 - An interview with Don Miguel Ruiz by Femke Wijdekop


12/21/2012 – December 21st 2012: A New Beginning… – Huffington Post

12/18/2012 – Three Days of Love: A Global Celebration of Love and Kindness – San Francisco Chronicle

December 2012. Video interview with don Miguel Ruiz in Chitzen Itza Mexico.

12/22/2012 - Mr. Rawgers interviews don Miguel Ruiz

12/22/2012 - Jonah Bolt interviews Don Miguel Ruiz in Chichen Itza

12/20/2012 - Health and Healing with Angela Lavesque interviews don Miguel Ruiz

12/17/2012 - Sheryl Glick interviews don Miguel Ruiz

12/11/2012 - KUSI News San Diego interviews don Miguel Ruiz

12/10/2012 - The Art of Living with Siggie & Hayuta interviews don Miguel Ruiz

12/01/2012 - Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network interviews don Jose Ruiz

11/29/2012 - Awakening humanity to it's Full Power with don Miguel Ruiz and Embracing Mother Earth

11/23/2012 - Author Don Miguel Ruiz Stops By Conversations LIVE with Cyrus Webb

11/16/2012 - Living on Purpose: Where Psychology Meets Spirituality interviews don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

10/28/2012 - XL Semanal España entrevista a don Miguel Ruiz ~ in Spanish

10/24/2012 - Interview for the Global Oneness Day Summit with don Miguel Ruiz, don Jose Ruiz and Eva Larsson. For more information, please visit

10/13/2012 - Le Matin Newspaper interviews don Miguel and don Jose Ruiz ~ in French

9/19/2012 - Spirituality and Health Magazine short clips of don Miguel Ruiz

9/19/2012 - Spirituality and Health Magazine interviews don Miguel Ruiz

9/10/2012 - "The Kickass Life with David Wood" interviews don Miguel Ruiz

9/09/2012 - "Love Fire Radio interview with Haley & Shylo" interview don Miguel Ruiz

8/31/2012 - "Deep Talk Radio interview with Vasavi Kumar" interviews don Miguel Ruiz

7/04/2012 - Interview with don Jose Ruiz - Leonardo Goncalvez 

5/29/2012 - Entrevista con don Miguel Ruiz- Primer Impacto, Univision ~ in Spanish

5/29/2012 - Interview with don Jose Ruiz-The Leila Benelli Show

4/02/2012 - Charla con don Miguel: La verdad es la libertad ~ in Spanish

3/21/2012 - México necesita verdad para curarse: Miguel Ruíz por "El Periódico" de Quintana Roo ~ in Spanish

3/20/2012 - Leader In Motion with Bestselling Author Jose Ruiz! by Authentic You Radio

3/16/2012 - Leading Coversations. Wisdom of the Ages: The Four Agreements | VoiceAmerica™

3/14/2012 - "Dr. Mara Karpel & Your Golden Years" interviews don Miguel Ruiz

3/13/2012 - Dr. Rose Backman interviews don Jose Ruiz about The Fifth Agreement

2/14/2012 - Don Miguel Ruiz answers questions about love - NBC Latino

2/13/2012 - Finding Yourself with don Miguel Ruiz - Cool Change Radio

2/2/2012 - don Miguel Ruiz - LifeBites Live


We create the drama & the beauty - Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreement (15th Anniversary) - Lilou Macé

The Fifth Agreement with Don Miguel Ruiz -“Evolution in Consciousness” with Larry Pearlman

The Fifth Agreement with Don Miguel Ruiz - The Dr. Pat Show

The Fifth Agreement with Don Miguel Ruiz

 - Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation

10/21/2011 - don Miguel Ruiz and Eva Larsson - Hugh Reilly's Liquid Lunch

Don Miguel Ruiz & Kuba Oms

 - CKNW Radio Feature

The Fifth Agreement and the 15th anniversary edition of The Four Agreements -Stacey Stern

The Fifth Agreement - don Jose on San Diego's Fox 5

The Fifth Agreement - The Honoring Hour

An Exclusive Conversation on his New Heart  Lilou Macé

'The Fifth Agreement' On Fox News Father-son Miguel and Jose Ruiz

How to Find Happiness in Your True Self by Steve McAllister

The Fifth Agreement An exclusive Gaiam interview

'My Life Is an Ongoing Prayer' Interview by Lisa Schneider

The Mastery of Love Diane M. Cooper

And Then There Were Five Linda M. Potter

Uncommon Sense Ellen DeGeneres

Interview with don Miguel Ruiz Jr By Bradley Quick

Dr. Pat Show Dr. Pat Baccili

The Fifth Agreement - Personal Excellence June 2012 issue

The Fifth Agreement - Associated Content

The Fifth Agreement - Sheri's World Book Review

The Fifth Agreement  Savionaires

How People Plan to Change the World in 2011 Written by Christine Garvin

What Kind of Messenger Are You? By don Miguel Ruiz , don Jose Ruiz and Janet Mills

The Fifth Agreement Review Review by Mischa Geracoulis

The Five Agreements That Help Me to Change the World by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz, with Janet Mills

The Power of Doubt: When Being Skeptical Is a Good Thing By don Miguel Ruiz and don Jose Ruiz

A Night of Transformationby Michael James

Father & son writing duo build on 'The Four Agreements' success by Aída Bardales

Got a grudge? Get over it By Jen Weigel