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JANUARY 11th - 24th, 2020

Trapped within every human lives the spiritual heartbeat of the Soul. Like the seed of a flower, it needs nourishment to grow and open for its fragrance to escape.

Mother India, the womb of our planet, holds energies stored in Her earth and temples by spiritual giants for those ready for this awakening.

What is said about Mother India is that it is the only place on earth where an Avatar can take birth. Throughout the ages, sacred rituals have been upheld and it is on this unbroken line of Light, the Avatars enter. 

We are going for a pure energy experience visiting temples, purifying ourselves in the Ganges and walking on the earth where Saints have walked, lived lives of love and divinity, and died leaving the vibrations of their bodies in the earth to benefit future generations. Using ancient meditation and mantra systems, we’ll open ourselves to the channels of Light that are stored in that highly-charged land of India.

Itinerary Overview


We meet as a group in Mumbai, India and our spiritual journey begins at the samadhi of Shirdi Sai Baba, asking for his blessings and guidance. Shirdi Baba is arguably one of the most well-known saints in all of India and Shirdi has become on of the top spiritual destinations for people of all beliefs and religions. Even though he died in 1918, he is still very present and thousands of people have miraculous experiences with him since his death. This was the first stop on the power journey don Jose and Ramakrishna took in 1997, so it is highly auspicious that it is our first stop as well!

From Shirdi we head to Penukonda to visit the ashram of supernatural Indian saint, Sri Kaleshwar, named the “Divine Mystery Fort” for all the miracles attributed to this sacred land. Ramakrishna lived with Sri Kaleshwar at this ashram for 15 years and Don Jose went on a pivotal power journey with the saint when he was 17 at which point Sri Kaleshwar blessed him by giving him the spiritual name “Kaleshwar.” Not an ordinary place, Ramakrishna will share many of the hidden secrets of this owerful place.

The ashram is located within the ancient fort complex that contains over 365 temples and is set beneath the beautiful backdrop of Penukonda Mountain with its dozen of temples and hidden meditation caves.

We then head to Rishikesh, the jewel of India, that rests in the foothills of the Himalayas where the crystal clear waters of the Ganges flow down from the mountains. We will visit the sanctum sanctorums of ancient temples and utilize their powerful healing and blessing energies. One entire day will be spent visiting the main power spots in the Holy city of Haridwar.

This journey is be for those ready to deepen their inner connection with the Divine.

January 11th to 24th, 2020

+ Daily teachings with Don Jose and Ramakrishna
+ 5 Star hotels with breakfast included
+ Full time Journey Facilitator, Private Guides and Driver
+ Temple entrance fees and special rituals
+ All transportation within India
+ Registration is Double Occupancy

$4450 per person (double occupancy)
$5450 per person (single occupancy)
Previous Traveler Discount: $3950*
* This discount applies to those participants who have traveled with us on a prior trip to India

Payment Schedule:
$950 deposit to hold your spot
$1750 due by August 03, 2019
Final payment of $1750 due by December 03, 2019


Ready to Register?
In order to hold your spot, fill out the registration form below and send in your $950 deposit. 

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