The Eagle Knight Program is an online course that focuses on the Spiritual Traditions of my family’s Toltec lineage. This eight month digital course will give you the necessary tools to gain clarity and discernment, allowing you to clearly observe what limiting beliefs you continue to use so that you can redirect your energy and transform your life into the vision you’ve always dreamed of.



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My father, don Miguel Ruiz, has been one of my greatest teachers, and throughout my life has taught me valuable lessons, especially when I’ve found myself in challenging and difficult situations. One important lesson he taught me was to realize the answers I was searching for were not outside myself in the form of knowledge or opinion, but rather existed as a silent knowing inside of me. No matter how hard I tried to look outside of myself, the best answer always lay deep within, and no one other than myself could ultimately explain what that inner trust felt like. I am no different than anyone else, and I am here to share how we can all learn to trust our gifts and natural instincts.


Through discipline and persistent inner work, we can begin to fully trust all our choices as an artist. Every decision in life is like choosing what color to use, and how soft or hard that color is applied to the canvas of life. We must take responsibility and ownership of our decisions, especially when we’re not happy with the outcome of our art. Once our word becomes impeccable, the critical and judgmental voice inside our head gradually transforms into a supportive ally. A newfound sense of respect emerges and we allow flexible change, adaptation, and transformation to blossom into a renewed sense of love, self-respect, and overflowing gratitude.

In my family tradition, the Toltecs were artists of love. Their expression, whether to loved ones, family, or life itself, was an expression of gratitude. As we learn and refine how we make art, we see the perfection even in our mistakes and failures. With this awareness and compassion, growth becomes enjoyable and rewarding, no matter what life throws at us.

As a spiritual teacher for over twenty years, I’ve been blessed to witness many spiritual paths and learned from many great Masters. I am embracing the shaman tradition of my father, my grandmother Sarita, and my great-grandfather Exiquio. By blending their wisdom with The Four Agreements, I will create a beautiful mix of traditions that all honor the same thing: love.

My family tradition is full of great wisdom, and as with other cultures, knowledge has always been passed down orally from generation to generation. Today, we are lucky to live in a time where the means of communication have surpassed those imagined by our ancestors, and I am honored to be able to share this collection of Toltec Wisdom with all of you.

If you’re ready for a change, now is the time to say Yes! And remember, there is nothing new to learn - only things to unlearn and transform.

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If you resonate with the books, yet still wonder how to apply the concepts, then it’s time to delve deeper with the work. With the Eagle Knight Program, we will go into detail and expand on the concepts used in The Four Agreements, The Mastery of Love, Voice of Knowledge and The Fifth Agreement. Once you have all of this information in your pocket, your path will be clear.

In this course, I will teach some of what my father taught me, and share the experiences that led to my personal transformation as well as the transformation of his apprentices over the last twenty years. This is the roadmap for Toltec Wisdom.

  • Breakdown and understand your domestication

  • Find out what takes your inspiration away

  • Re-inspire the artist that you are

  • Become a messenger of love - the messenger you were born to be

  • Strengthen or build a Toltec inspired spiritual practice

  • Document your journey and process 

  • Learn how to share your love unconditionally with yourself and others

With The Eagle Knight Program, we will give you all the tools and guidance to master your awareness. Become part of a community that is passionate about their personal freedom. As your teacher and guide I will be a mirror on this journey, no matter where you are.


Are you ready to challenge old beliefs, leave behind self-doubt, and reconnect to what you truly are?

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+ More then 31 lessons over an eight month period of Toltec teachings and tools that will help you gain awareness of how your agreements have created your reality

+ Eight Live video sessions (one per month) with Don Jose Ruiz to discuss questions and topics

+ Weekly audio lessons recorded with Don Jose that will help you reconnect to your authentic self

+ Weekly exercises, assignments, affirmations, and meditations to master your awareness and self transformation

+ Access to supplemental audio recordings to deepen your understanding of certain exercises

+ A private Facebook page where you can connect and be part of a community that will support you on your journey to self transformation

+ 12 month access to the program materials so you can go back if you need to

+ Bonus audio recordings with don Jose’s support team

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These modules are offered sequentially over eight months



This four-month module is the first step into understanding our current belief system and how our environment has shaped us. If you have read The Four Agreements, it is what don Miguel refers to as the First Attention. We will break down what our principles and practices are, and understand what agreements we have been following until this moment. This first module is where we master awareness.

+ Recognize and be aware of who you are

+ Become aware of how you confuse “who you are” with “what you know”

+ Witness your own Beliefs and how they’ve guided your decisions in life

+ Understand why humanity is the way it is

+ Learn tools to master your own awareness



The following two months of the Eagle Knight Program focuses on giving you the tools to witness your automatics. It is your opportunity to really put into practice your awareness, and deepen your practice. In the Second Attention, you start to become your ally. This second module is where we master transformation.

+ Become a powerful stalker of your mind

+ Identify self imposed obstacles

+ Experience amazing clarity

+ Utilize discipline and vigilance

+ Experience the immense power of forgiveness and letting go



This one month module, touches upon the integration of the previous two sessions. The tools provided during this month will deepen your practice, and get you ready to make the transformation you desire. The Third attention, as mentioned in The Four Agreements, is the third time you use your attention, this time focusing and harnessing your creative energy. This third module is where we master Intent.

+ Discover new ways to enhance your spiritual practice/meditation

+ Understand how your intent can shape outcomes

+ Become your most loyal friend/lover/ally



The last module consists of one month worth of material. It is the culmination of the tools from the Toltec path. It is here where the magic really happens, and where we make very conscious decisions to redirect our intent with awareness and purpose. From this perspective, we are ready to fully live in state of love, enjoying all the sacred time we have on this planet.

+ Learn to put in motion your intent and desire

+ Make New Agreements that are more in line with your true Authentic Self

+ Be in the flow of Life

+ Find meaningful ways to be in service

+ Heal with Mother energy

+ Recognize the beauty in all manifestations of life

+ Create a rewarding story for yourself

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The Eagle Knight program is an eight-month immersion into Toltec Knowledge.

With the guidance provided in this course, you’ll be able to move beyond doubt and be able to empower yourself to step into masterful levels of faith and authenticity.


Register Now and have access to our Private Online Community plus listen to our exclusive Taste of Teo Audio Journey


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All main teachings will be done by don Jose Ruiz. His support team will be here to guide you along the way and to provide you with additional support.

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don Jose Ruiz

don Jose Ruiz, is a Toltec Master of Transformation & Modern day Shaman. He is a direct descendant of the Toltecs of the Eagle Knight lineage, and is the son of don Miguel Ruiz, author of New York Times bestseller TheFour Agreements. He is the author of The Fifth Agreement, Ripples of Wisdom, and My Good Friend The Rattlesnake, and The Wisdom of the Shamans. Along with his family, he teaches workshops and offers transformational journeys around the world. In 2010, don Jose Ruiz released his first book, "The Fifth Agreement," in partnership with his father, don Miguel Ruiz. Following its publication, don Jose began traveling around the US, Mexico, and South America. Don Jose inspires people in many different ways, including book signings, lectures, seminars, and hosting journeys to Teotihuacan and other sacred sites around the world.

Don Jose's message has been heard all over the United States, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Israel, and South America. His journeys to sacred sites have also been translated into many different languages, including Spanish, French, and German.His message changes lives and brings people closer to themselves than ever before. His passion is to help children stay away from gangs and drugs by developing healthy outlets, such as music and other creative avenues.

He will continue to share the wisdom of his family lineage through his own life experiences. Don Jose enjoys working with people of all faiths and cultures. He sees all men and women as equals and feels it's a blessing to be alive.

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Tami Heart

I am an artist and I believe in the true power of creating my life with full intention and on purpose. I am a writer, a painter, a yoga lover, entrepreneur, creative connoisseur, silent observer and steadfast listener. I am devoted to helping you recover your own ability to be the deliberate creator of your life.

Your life is created with all the Agreements you make with yourself.

My work is dedicated to assist you in changing all the Agreements you have made and re-make with yourself on a daily basis that don’t serve you. Replace them with ideas and resources that help you create your life into your very own Masterpiece of Art.

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Aaron Landman

I first met don Miguel in 1997 while earning a Masters degree at the American Film Institute. At the invitation of a fellow artist, I attended a small and private gathering where I had an instant connection with Miguel‘s vibrant and fierce presence. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to develop a close friendship with the Ruiz family, including a wonderful friendship with Jose that goes back to when we innocently stood by a river and laughed like two flowers feeling the light of the sun for the first time. Whether playing music, making art, playing sports, or speaking in public – I’ve learned to embrace the power of self-trust, and allow the silent and thoughtless passion to flow though me like an endless meandering river. 

Aaron is a painter, writer, and filmmaker in Los Angeles, and lives with Karla and their 2 year old son Adrian and dog Ella. He leads workshops and small gatherings in Mexico and Southern California

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Karla Ruiz

Although I was born into this beautiful family, it’s only been the last ten years that I’ve been fully submerged into the wisdom behind The Four Agreements. Growing up, I remember my grandmother Sarita having a living room completely full of people patiently waiting to be healed by her. Looking back, these memories were my first encounter with the world of transformation and self- awareness. I witnessed the transformation of beliefs, and along with the scientific logic of my neurosurgeon father, I watched the faith based medicine of my grandmother and quickly learned to be OK with differing world views, as exemplified by the picture of Jesus on one wall and Sai Baba on the next. 

For the past decade I have been around Don Miguel Ruiz (my uncle) helping him in all sorts of ways. When I first start hanging around them - including my cousins Don Jose and Don Miguel Jr - I felt like the whole orbit of the world shifted a little, and had to be ready for a ride at any moment, because they go full speed! I’ve been organizing events (big and small), for those who want to help spread their message of love in the US, Mexico, South America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. I have traveled with them to amazing places like Macchu Pichu and Teotihuacan. I have experienced such beautiful ceremonies and gatherings, I’ve been left with the sweetest tears in my eyes. 

I never really understood the power of The Four Agreements until I saw first hand how thousands of people from all different backgrounds and cultures have opened their hearts and minds, and been so receptive and grateful to experience what they’ve felt with those one hundred pages. That has deepened the already special place I have for them, and the opportunity to share what my family has been doing for generations. 

As a woman, a mother, and an immigrant, I want to honor and continue the path that my grandmother Sarita started over 100 years ago. I am ready.

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+ Re-discover your love for life, truth and inner wisdom

+ Free yourself to be what who you truly are, your authentic self. 

+ Live a life free of doubt, judgment and fear

+ Have the necessary tools to manage whatever life throws at you

+ Accept and love yourself unconditionally, just the way you are

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If for any reason you feel The Eagle Knight Program is not for you, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. Email us within the first two weeks of your enrollment and we will refund you in full.

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  • What can I expect upon registering for The Eagle Knight Program?

Once you enroll, you will receive an email with detailed instructions for accessing the First Eagle Knight Program Module of content, as well as how you can access all of the bonus material included.

  • How will I access the content?

The program is online, and consists of don Jose’s audio lessons, exercises, meditations, and supplemental material.

  • Can I work at my own pace?

Yes. We will send a weekly email as a reminder to continue your learning/unlearning journey. We highly recommend you do one lesson per week with a two-week break between Modules. This will allow you the necessary time to process the teachings and work on the exercises. You have 12 month access so you can revisit and get inspired whenever you need to.

  • What kind of support will be provided from teachers?

Support will be provided online within our Private Facebook Page, during regular business hours. This is so everyone in the group can benefit from the answers provided.

  • How does the private gatherings work?

Access to the private gatherings before the Mastery of Self Workshops in 2020 will usually be held a day before the workshop starts, and it is open to everyone who enrolls in this apprenticeship. It will be an informal gathering where we will get a chance to know each other a bit better.

  • Do you offer payment plans?

You have the option to pay in full or make 8 monthly payments of $117 (monthly payments include a $39 service fee). To complete your enrollment we process the first payment, then the 1st of each month you will be billed automatically.

  • How long will I be able to access the teachings?

You have a 12-month access period to the teachings so you can revisit and get inspired whenever you need to. You will have lifetime access to our private Facebook community page.

  • What is the refund policy?

If for any reason you are not happy with the program, we have a 14-day money back guarantee. Email us at within the first two weeks of your enrollment and we will refund you in full.

  • I still have questions!

Reach out to don Jose’s team: