Vancouver with Kuba

  On Saturday night, Kuba Oms and I shared the stage at Unity Vancouver.

It was an amazing weekend with beautiful people and great friends.


We had a great dinner at Rodney's Oyster House... incredible!

Kuba and me enjoying a night of oysters.

Kuba Oms, Joby Baker, Eva and me are working on the first song of a potential album.

The first snow of the year in Vancouver... it was cold!

Make up for the CityTV interview at 6am.

Interview with Riatz Meghji

In the green room after the interview, Kuba, Riatz and me with the next guests arriving

VIP gathering before the talk on Saturday, sharing with beautiful people.

People are arriving for the talk - it was a full house.

Kuba, Joby and friends performing.

Kuba Oms in action on stage - a true artist.

The event was full to max capacity - very inspiring.
We had some special guests joining us as well.
Thank you Russel Crowe and friends for being there.
Filming in China town, documenting the work.
Thank you Kuba Oms for creating all this... we had a great time!
This is only the beginning...