Time off

After a great event and feeling the love and gratitude of everyone, we headed out for a little bit of sightseeing and to relax.

We are in front of this beautiful ancient temple in a mountain outside of Kamogawa. The landscape is so beautiful! the food is great and our guide is really kind and taking the time to take us to all these beautiful places.
Magnificent Tree - people believe it represents God - the presence of the three reflects the divinity of you - feel the faith of millions of people that  like to call it "Tree of Life"
met a great master - whos name I don't know - but with his presence you can feel he is a teacher, and the teacher of his teacher, and the following, a whole linage of knowledge


Father and son
Origami is a fascinating and traditional Japanese artform that is fun, meditative and a peaceful form of expression
Mission Accomplished!
Miss Yukiko Hirayama's business card.