Where Two or More are Gathered


January 7th, 2015. Do you think as I have, that two or more meant a number of people praying

together for a common goal? In addition to that, what about another

interpretation in which the gathering happens within ourselves when we align

all the aspects of our being, each of which has its own consciousness and agenda,

for a particular purpose. When we operate with that single focus, anything is

possible. Otherwise, we are at the whim of “the monkey mind” pulling us from

one internal and external distraction to the next.

I awake thinking about going to the gym. I’m hungry so what will I eat? I’ll eat

something very light so I won’t have a problem exercising. Getting out of bed I

notice my muscles feel stiff so I wonder if today is a good day to exercise and it’s

kind of cold outside. Hmm, should I eat high protein or heart healthy oatmeal?

What did that article say about carbohydrates versus protein for endurance? I’ll

just turn on the news while I get dressed. Don’t want to miss hearing about that

storm that’s hitting the east coast while I shower, so I’ll just wait a little and

shower after I have a cup of coffee. It will taste so good with that last croissant

that’s in the fridge, it’s cold so I’ll warm it up and ooh, it smells so good. I’ll just

add a little butter, oh but maybe some protein would be a better choice…an egg,

some ham or cheese??? OK, now I’m stuffed. Maybe I’ll go to the gym later…..

What happened? Body versus mind? Emotions versus desire? Thoughts versus

feelings? I have a philosophy that we are always realizing our intent but in

many cases, it is hidden from us. Did I really want to go to the gym? Obviously a

deeper desire was being realized and that desire wasn’t going to the gym. We

know this to be true since I didn’t end up there.

So how do we come into alignment to realize what we really want? Well, the first

thing is to tell our self the truth about what that is. “And the Truth will set you

free”. What about the possibility that freedom to be yourself is a direct

correlation to how unhooked you are to the illusions of need. In that case it

becomes important to experience your desires because when a desire is

completely experienced without judgment, it is fulfilled and no longer has a hold

on you. You can take it or leave it and at that point you have the freedom to

choose. Being at choice is a very high state. It is really a state of acceptance to

whatever Life is bringing. You open yourself and say YES, thank you.

You move out of an “at effect” level of existence, victimstance, simply reacting to

stimulus much like a machine into a mastery of living. By mastering the power of

your attention you become a master of awareness. You are living life on purpose

because you create the purpose with your intention and your actions. You can

enjoy every experience because you have awareness that every experience,

whether it is one of pleasure or pain, is your life experience and your right to

enjoy. At this level of awareness you are in alignment with all aspects of your

Being living the truth of the statement, “where there is a will, there is a way” a

life filled with infinite possibilities.

by Gaya.