Activate Your Heart’s Brilliant Powers

By Victoria Allen
Brilliant Powers are alive and abundant within us. What makes these inner resources truly brilliant is their capacity to switch on the highlights of our nature; the energies that spark our heart and connect us with life. These powers ignite the fire of who we are—Love. Our integrity, authenticity, peace and happiness arise from this inner brilliance.
Through our willingness to be opened to Love, the journey to ignite and illuminate our Heart’s Brilliant Powers begins. Willingness invites the spirit of grace to reorganize us from the inside out. Inside-Out is how Love flows.
Our state of being is the strongest influence in determining how we experience life. We have a choice. We can align with the needless suffering that comes from our conditioned beliefs and patterns born of fear. Or, we can choose to cultivate ourBrilliant Powers and meet life in the best possible state—Love.
                Activate Your Heart’s Brilliant Powers
               “Devote to Removing the Barriers To Love”
#1 Courage Is the Key to Unlock All The Brilliant Powers 
“Embrace Change, Expansion and Limitless Possibilities”
Quiet the voice that says, “Stay safe, play small or be comfortable.” 
#2 Forgiveness Frees Your Heart 
 “Release Judgment to Choose Happiness”
  Quiet the voice that repeats Regret, Remorse and Blame.
#3 Honesty Releases Hiding and Defense
 “Remove Your Masks and Express Your Authenticity”
 Quiet the Voice that Evokes Guilt and Shame
#4 Respect Relinquishes The Need to Control
“Value Harmony with Yourself, Others and Life”
Quiet the Voice that believes it ‘Knows What is Best for Others’
#5 Gentleness Refines You
“Master Your Energy Wisely”
Quiet the Voice of Your Should-Master and Value You
#6 Patience Frees Force and Gives you Staying Power
“Pause, Embrace the Unknown and Take Right Action”
Quiet the Voice that is Impulsive and Reactionary
#7 Acceptance Gives You Freedom
“Embrace The Dark and Light Angels Within”
Quiet the Voice that Judges and Compares
#8 Compassion 
“Meet Everyone and All Situations with Your Heart”
Quiet the Voice that Tells You that You are Separate
#9 Generosity Opens Abundance
“Be an Intentional Blessing: Offer your gifts into life.”
Quiet the Voice that believes in Lack and Limitation
#10 Gratitude Raises Your Soul Capacity
“Embrace the Abundance of Life and Open to Its Grace”
Quiet the Voice that Complains and Argues with “What Is”
By Victoria Allen, M.A. Transformational Coach