New Book by don Jose Ruiz, coming out this October!


We are excited to share with you the next book from the Ruiz family! don Jose Ruiz will be releasing "My Good Friend the Rattlesnake. Stories of loss, truth, and transformation".

Here is a bit about the book:

San Diego resident, spiritual advisor and bestselling author don Jose Ruiz announces the release of his new book, "My GoodFriend the Rattlesnake: Stories of Loss, Truth, and Transformation."

A personal and candid account, "My Good Friend the Rattlesnake" describes don Jose's journey of self-discovery and transformation. As a teenager, don Jose became lost in the misery of drug addiction and spiraled into a pattern of self- destruction until the death of a dear friend woke him to the reality of his bad choices.

In a series of personal anecdotes, don Jose shares lessons learned from his painful experiences, gleaning from the wisdom of his father and from the traditions of swamis and shamans, and offers insights on how to discover your true and unique purpose in life.

"In my journey, I've traveled to many spiritual sites," says don Jose. "In India I studied with Master Swami Kaleshwar. He gave me his name and named me a Swami of my own tradition. In Peru, I got named by an Inca Master, don Jorge Delgado, 'The Eagle of the North.' I also got an invitation to be in the Elders Circle with the Quiroz and the Amazonian Shamans. I've been accepted by many traditions as a messenger to work alongside them and bring positivity to the world."

"My Good Friend the Rattlesnake," is available for pre-sale at, and

Good Friend Rattlesnake

New Book and CD is Out!


We are super excited because on October 8th, it was the release of a new book and meditation audio CD by my son, don Jose Ruiz.

This is how it looks!  Cedar Fort Publishing did such a great job on the cover design, it's very captivating and beautiful.

Here is a little snippet of the book:

October 8 , 2013 don Jose Ruiz,  New York Times best selling author and awareness guru will be releasing a new book called Ripples of Wisdom: Cultivating the Hidden Secrets of your Heart. Based on the ancient Toltec Wisdom and the teachings of his ancestors, don Jose has created a full color inspirational quote book packed with  spiritual wisdom and new, practical insights to inspire a life of serenity and fulfillment. With a collection of over 100 pages of elevating  messages and colorful and unique photography,  don Jose teaches you to free yourself from self-deceit, fear, and conflict and live without limits. Inspired by the popular quotes don Jose shares on his facebook fan page each week, the messages in this book will help you to create a life full of peace and wisdom. The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Open its pages and discover the hidden truths that will bring you closer to yourself and the world around you.


And a little description about the meditation CD:

The Toltecs are known as poets giving a message of positivity and beauty through story telling.
Seeing the beauty of life they reflect their hearts through their poems.
In these meditations you will experience the power of these stories, taking you into a place of awareness deep within.
Taking you away from your mind and bringing you closer to a place deep in your soul, where quiet peace resides.
A place where your heart is able to speak loud enough to over-power your thoughts and bring you closer to your truth so you can live your own personal freedom.
Enjoy 3 different meditations of awareness in this new audio version of don Jose's Ripples of Wisdom.


Get your copy today on


Time of Gratitude

This journey to Teo was absolutely a time of gratitude! Everyone opened their hearts and radiated their message just by being authentic in their own way.

I am so grateful for the gift they all have given me, and it goes beyond words.

Thank you everyone for participating and making a change in children's lives.

Here is a recap of what happened during the week.




Once the trip started we got a chance to go to the site and explore. Here we are walking towards the Pyramid of the Sun.



We tried to walk and enjoy different parts of the beautiful ancient city, specially if there was a nice shade for everyone.


First day of the journey: "The Island of Safety" and the Quetzalcoatl Temple.


About to enter the Jaguar Temple.


Amazing and inspiring Teotihuacan art. The mural museum is highly recommended.


First stop towards the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.


There is always time to do some shopping.


Maguey  landscape.


Abuelita Sarita, always in our heart. Lots of kisses to you and sweet memories that we will always remember.


Mexican sweet bread, the best! Definitely worth the trip to the San Juan town.


Merging with the light and shadows of the great Temple!


Sunset in Teo...just beautiful. Always warm and full of love.


There is always something interesting that catches our attention.


We got to do a bit of sightseeing around the nearby towns.


Eva and Nuno, they came all the way from Luxembourg and Portugal.


Alma Delia, we truly appreciate you and your team for all the hard work you do to give our children a better life. You are an inspiration!


We had an amazing time, full of great people, great food and lots of love. Truly a great experience and can't wait for the next Time of Gratitude!