Teotihuacan Dawn of a New Dream

Teotihuacan Dawn of a New Dream

January 2017.  Hello everybody!  We are happy to share with you some photos of our last retreat in Teotihuacan, Mexico. It is our signature retreat, and this time don Miguel, don Miguel Jr and don Jose where the ones who guided the group. On this retreat is where we apply and go deeper into understanding what the Toltec Teachings are all about. We spend five days together, sharing meals, laughs, and tears.  Definitely great memories, and a wonderful group that will be forever in our hearts. Day 1 inside the classroom. don Miguel shares words of wisdom with the group.

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Teotihuacan Retreat: Ripples of Wisdom

  This last June we had our annual summer Teotihuacan retreat. Here is a recap and some pictures of our wonderful time together, but first we would like to share with you what Raven's experience was, as a first time participant to any of our retreats.

"I knew that going to Teotihuacan was going to be a wonderful experience but I really didn't plan on it being as transformational as it was. I was giddy, excited, and full of stories I'd created about how the trip was going to progress. What I received was a journey of love. Literally the first day we go through lessons that break down those layers of fear, resentment, uncertainty and over the course of our time together we are able to rebuild ourselves into loving beings free of judgement and full of self love. I've been an avid reader of the knowledge The Ruiz family shares through their books, Facebook, and YouTube. However, my journey was pushed to the forefront when I traveled to Teotihuacan. Prior to this journey, I "spoke" of living The Four Agreements. Now I have the tools to quiet my mind, to recreate my story, and to live a full life filled with love. " -Raven Baca

This is our beautiful group photo!!



The Teotihuacan Sky.

teo sky

Photo by Raven Baca


don Miguel telling us how much we should love ourselves and how our body has always been there for us, and how we have to love this body.



don Miguel with Leigh and Cindy having lunch.


photo by: Leigh Burton


Our first exercise on the pyramid grounds.  This is what we call the Island of Safety.

When you are ready to let go, of what you need to get rid off, you step down and walk away.



Tetitla. A magical place to reflect and be at peace.


Sunday morning getting ready to climb the Pyramid of the Sun.



We had a funny encounter with a dog that wouldn't let go of Rosa, a participant of the retreat.



Once at the top, you have quite a view... Here you can see Judy.



Reidun and Trond, a wonderful couple that enjoyed the top of the pyramid.

You can see some hot air balloons on the background.



With the pyramid of the Moon as a background.

Teo Ripples

photo by: Christina Christou

don Jose with Gustavo and Alexis on the way to the grounds.

Jose, Gustavo, Alexis Teo

photo by: Leigh Burton

Saying our good-byes Monday morning.

teo good bye

photo by: Percilla Gurule


One last picture!


photo by: Pattie Serbus


It was a great trip as always. Great memories, and lots of new friends that will take back home a lighter and bigger heart to share with everyone. Can't wait for the next one!


Time of Gratitude

This journey to Teo was absolutely a time of gratitude! Everyone opened their hearts and radiated their message just by being authentic in their own way.

I am so grateful for the gift they all have given me, and it goes beyond words.

Thank you everyone for participating and making a change in children's lives.

Here is a recap of what happened during the week.




Once the trip started we got a chance to go to the site and explore. Here we are walking towards the Pyramid of the Sun.



We tried to walk and enjoy different parts of the beautiful ancient city, specially if there was a nice shade for everyone.


First day of the journey: "The Island of Safety" and the Quetzalcoatl Temple.


About to enter the Jaguar Temple.


Amazing and inspiring Teotihuacan art. The mural museum is highly recommended.


First stop towards the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.


There is always time to do some shopping.


Maguey  landscape.


Abuelita Sarita, always in our heart. Lots of kisses to you and sweet memories that we will always remember.


Mexican sweet bread, the best! Definitely worth the trip to the San Juan town.


Merging with the light and shadows of the great Temple!


Sunset in Teo...just beautiful. Always warm and full of love.


There is always something interesting that catches our attention.


We got to do a bit of sightseeing around the nearby towns.


Eva and Nuno, they came all the way from Luxembourg and Portugal.


Alma Delia, we truly appreciate you and your team for all the hard work you do to give our children a better life. You are an inspiration!


We had an amazing time, full of great people, great food and lots of love. Truly a great experience and can't wait for the next Time of Gratitude!