A Group Experience, Guided by Gaya


February 16th, 2016.

There is potential power in a group dynamic when you see and feel yourself in the reflection of another; witnessing the Sameness of our Being, it can lead to more compassion, acceptance and love of oneself.
The opportunity is by simply witnessing others as they share, just like in a movie, you feel and experience your feelings by association. It is so much easier to see in others what we haven’t been able to see in ourselves. In that state of Oneness, without using self judgment to deny feelings, the heart can open and unconscious patterns of fear can dissolve spontaneously.
Please join me for four weeks in a weekly Experience in which we will meet with a group of 12 participants online, using Zoom technology, which allows us to interact with one another, as if we are in the same room; but in different locations in the comfort of our own space.
I will interact with the participants individually as I do in private sessions using reflection and teaching simple symbols for dream interpretation.  The focus will be on hitting the emotional blocks that are universal in humanity.
You’ll need a Computer;  Zoom, a free online service, and an Open Heart.
Dates: 4 Sundays from 12 to 2pm (PST)
February 28th - March 20th, 2016
Cost $120.00

Ask Gaya


4615847112_32dde48144_o July 25, 2015.

Q: My real problem is i cant have peace with my appearance. i cant love that and i often hate it. im short and fat. actually the real problem is my height i cant accept it. and you know it is more 20 years that i practice alot of cults of mysticism and spirituality. im Iranian and in my country there is a rich culture of spirituality. i started with them. then i read kastaneda books and i fell in love with toltec culture and i practice that for some years. i reviewed my life alot of time and i found all the memory and events that led me to hate my appearance. i did alot of Indian version too. i meditate i do yoga, chakra therapy and every thing that you can imagine. i took a lot of courses and did alot of positive thinking and i even practiced the cults in my country that try to remove inorganic being from people. through years i had alot of success in alot of other things in spirituality i even found alot of miraculous power in me. like healing and alot of absurd powers like fortunetelling or reading people and alot more. but i couldn't accept my height. i even started to grow myself by intent and it was unsuccessful. through these years i helped alot of people to accept themselves, to grow themselves, to change their life and .... but in reality i couldnt do anything good for myself. one day one of my spiritual freinds who is good teacher of spirituality told me metaphorically that you can spin the wheel of fortune for others but it doesn't matter because you cant do anything for yourself. and he was right. so i want to know what should i do to accept my appearance? i really suffer from that.

again thank you and god bless you sorry for my english that is not my first or second language.


A: Thank you for sharing your deepest emotional pain with me.  It takes courage and I appreciate it so I am going to share my deepest truth with you.

You are not your body or your mind that is judging you.  You are blessed to be living in your body which is your temple, your pet, your conditioned and obedient body that listens and feels every experience you've ever had. Please notice that all of your feelings are felt inside your body.  How sad you must feel inside since you have always been denying and rejecting your body, your self.  Just look at how many things you've done in your search of self love and self improvement. Your judgment of your physical appearance has been the driving force pushing you in search and growth.  This has been the gift of it for you. But, in every case, you've missed the key that can set you free.
The Truth……..what's so is the physical of anyone and anything is only a representation of a construct of what we call ourselves.  The truth is your body is dead without the Life force that you are and when you leave your body in death, it will fall back to the earth because the truth of what you are, the force of life, is what gives it life. How important is your height when your Presence, the Oneness of life, is the truth of what you are? Your suffering comes from your own mind's judgment. Only the ego hurts because the real you is Love and Light and Love and Light never hurts. Stop abusing your body with your judgment and honor it, love it.  It has been the tool through which you have experienced your life. Have gratitude and thanks and love for it's service.
Blessings to you,


"Ask Gaya"


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July 12, 2015.

Person Comment on Video: Yes my love, I have so many things moving inside, big shifts right now, it is like I have been thrown into a river rapid without a kayak or a paddle, lots of things coming out. I have been here before but this is much more more that before, if that makes any sense and your video is a grounding tremendous force. This heart is in gratitude my love Gaya Jenkins...

Gaya: Wonderful!! The Mind is letting go and your Being is feeling your experiences. Whenever you notice a negative message, just shift your ATTENTION to something pleasant and in that, you are feeding your SELF love; the only way to grow it! As you do this, it is natural for fear to subside as the line of energy of Light and Darkness is the same; at one end of the continuum is Light and its opposite is Less Light so when one grows, the other subsides. A world of opposites but sameness. I love this: I used to be different; but now I am the same! It takes courage taking your life back from The Mind; after all it has been ruling your life from the earliest memories so feeling instead of thinking about things involves the act of trusting and the really good news is that living in this way we come into self trust; feeling who and what to trust; not putting our faith outside ourselves. I love you xoxo