Finding the Shaman of My Dreams

October 11th, 2014 by Gaya.
In 1988 I walked into a Temple in Barrio Logan in San Diego seeking a healing from Mother Sarita, a psychic healer of whom I had heard through friends, for a heart problem for which allopathic docs had no explanation.  I had returned from a trip to Peru two months before where I spent a couple of weeks with a Shaman who was able to regulate my heartbeat with a hand shake so I was open to alternative modaliities and ever seeking a cure.  Mother Sarita performed the psychic surgery and told me that I wouldn’t receive a healing as she didn’t see the blinking Light that was her sign when the healing had been successful.  But, she said, I shouldn’t worry because it wasn’t a big problem for me; and given the Light she saw emanating from my hands, she thought I would enjoy meeting her son, Miguel, who was working at the temple and teaching Friday night classes.  Of course, I was immediately interested…..Light coming from my hands, I was all in!  I had made a plan with the Peruvian Shaman to return in December for a 3 month apprenticeship to study 400+ herbs used for healing so this was right in alignment with my dream of being a healer.  While waiting to receive some herbs that Mother Sarita had suggested, I began to read some newspaper clippings pinned on the wall and the thought came to me to ask the receptionist if Miguel and his Mother were Shamans and she replied, “oh, yes, they are Toltec Shamans”.  I had no idea what a Toltec Shaman was; but I then asked if Miguel took apprentices and she said, yes; but he doesn’t take just anyone so I should book an appointment to meet him, which I did and I can say, it was the beginning or the end as I had known myself or my life to be.
In my first meeting with Miguel, he asked me why I was looking for him and what I wanted.  I told him about the Voice that instructed me to work with a Shaman and my interest in learning to work as a healer.  He dismissed my answer and told me I was looking for my freedom as I had been free before and if I controlled my emotions and stopped wasting energy, I could be free again.  I didn’t really know what he was talking about; but it sounded so good.  In those days Miguel hardly spoke English so he worked passing energy through his hands in a healing massage.  His energy was so strong and during the first massage, I had a vision of the two of us in ancient times. When he asked me about my experience, I told him I saw that we knew each other and he responded, yes, we know each other very well.  Five months later, I walked out of my life and into Miguel’s home to live as his wife for the next 8 years.  He later told me that when he first saw me in the Temple, he just wanted to run because it was a sign that his life was going to change completely and it did for both of us.
Miguel and his family lived in a world of infinite possibilities where what I would have called magic became ordinary existence.  I learned so much as did my children; but one of the greatest gifts was living in a family with so much love and the opportunity to be with a Master who walked his talk.
The greatest gift from Miguel is his love.  He taught me and my children that we could live a life of peace and happiness and the way he taught it was by living it himself.
Love, Light, Forgiveness and Non-attachment are the balms that heals all wounds.
Gaya lives and works as a Life Guide in San Diego, California.  You can reach her by or her web: