Everything We Perceive is Perceiving Us

By Gaya. If God, or the name of the Deity of your choice, came down

to earth and told you that what you are doing is exactly what

you are supposed to be doing, would you be happy?

Well you are doing exactly what God wants you to do, so Be


How can it be that we are doing exactly what we are

supposed to be doing?. What about all the bad guys, the

wars, the starvation, cruelty, the black holes we are causing,

all the negatives that exist in our world?

I call it a moment of inspiration in September of 2012 when

suddenly in a flash, I realized many things at once. With my

eyes wide open an internal vision overtook my senses and

I was witnessing life in movement and in perfect order. I

felt God within my body and had the thought, of course, he

is omnipresent and omniscient because He is always right

here in the center of all that exists. I realized the perfection

of everyone and everything because if even one atom was

different, nothing would be as it is. I saw life as a perfectly

balanced energy system in which action-reaction, cause

and effect are constantly dancing in harmony ever balancing

all aspects of life. There is no negative, only less positive;

no darkness only less light because it is all the same; a

continuum of energy constantly balancing in this world

of opposites and oneness. In that moment, I realized the

reason we haven’t seen God is because there is nothing

that exists opposite to Him. I was struck by how obvious it

all seemed and how could it be that anything would be “not

God”. Is it possible for any Being to not reproduce Itself?

Realizing it is the Mind that judges everything as wrong;

especially ourselves and each other, because it is a mirror

reflecting Light upside down and backwards. Perhaps in

my moment of inspiration, the Mind stopped or paused so I

was witness to the Truth. I realized the powerful agreement

we have with the Mind that everything needs to change and

it seems every teaching is based on that as well. But, how

can we hold God as a Supreme Power if we somehow think

that He must have made a mistake? I prefer to think of this

world as a dream reality in which we are playing a game

of awakening while using all our senses to experience the

dream. The Creator must have a great sense of humor and

a lot of patience. Notice that we have never been able to

see our own face except in a mirror’s reflection?

I had spent my life searching for God and now that is all

I see and not only in humans, but in everything. Under a

microscope we see that even a piece of plastic vibrates

with spinning atoms so everything, no matter how dead it

appears, is alive. Since everything in matter is made of a

combination of the same elements, everything has the same

characteristics of energy; two of them being, perception and

an ability to reflect Light. Plants turn to the Sun, rocks erode

and metals become stressed.

In my world everything is alive and has feelings; maybe not

in the way that I feel; but in their own way of perceiving.

While it is true that some things reflect more light than others,
like a rock versus the human mind, everything is alive, made
from and of God and there is nothing better than anything else.
No limits, no otherness, no Self.
Just, Life everlasting...