Online Dream Circle - Living in Oneness **starts August 2015**


June 30th, 2015. I
t's easy to live the Four Agreements when you shift your point of view from who you think you are ~ your personal identity, to the impersonal Divine Wisdom that you really are.  It is a profound experience when the channel opens and you discover that you are ever being personally guided in your dreams by the same Source that makes your heart tick and keeps your body breathing.

During each session we will analyze a few dreams using a very simple system distilled from 30 years of a Master's dreaming connection to Source. The first half of the dream shows the problems we are dealing with and the second half gives the Higher Self's solution to the problem.
Learn to cultivate the following tools:
-  Develop self confidence and surrender struggle as you become aware of your Soul's guidance
-  Ask and receive answers about your choices and problem solving
-  Break through the myth that you are alone and different than others.

Video Skype Class with 8 person limit     

Wednesdays 6pm-8pm (PST)  August 5th- Sept 2nd   

$150 for the 5 class series

$120 when paid by July 15th.     

To enroll or for questions, contact :