Costa Rica 2011

On Thanksgiving day we arrived in Costa Rica. We shared and celebrated in front of the ocean, with gratitude to be able to keep working, to be alive, to be with our loved ones and to expand our love and message around the world with all of you.

Playa del Pan Azucar in Costa Rica - fondly called Sugar beach - a place beyond time.

Amazing sunsets every night with a cascade of colors painting the sky.

Waking up to monkey howling, overlooking the ocean, hearing the sounds of the jungle.

Jose and Tami walking the grounds.

Patrick and Cameron held yoga on the beach every morning - such a powerful way to start the day.

One of the exercises we did during the retreat was Angel walk - it always has a deep impact.

Here we are in action, sharing on of the classes in an amazing space overlooking the ocean.

60 enthusiastic souls joined us for the week... we are so blessed to have been with you all.

Merging - being the drop and the ocean...

This truly was a week in paradise - inside and out.