"Ask Gaya"


Image courtesy of Feelart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

July 12, 2015.

Person Comment on Video: Yes my love, I have so many things moving inside, big shifts right now, it is like I have been thrown into a river rapid without a kayak or a paddle, lots of things coming out. I have been here before but this is much more more that before, if that makes any sense and your video is a grounding tremendous force. This heart is in gratitude my love Gaya Jenkins...

Gaya: Wonderful!! The Mind is letting go and your Being is feeling your experiences. Whenever you notice a negative message, just shift your ATTENTION to something pleasant and in that, you are feeding your SELF love; the only way to grow it! As you do this, it is natural for fear to subside as the line of energy of Light and Darkness is the same; at one end of the continuum is Light and its opposite is Less Light so when one grows, the other subsides. A world of opposites but sameness. I love this: I used to be different; but now I am the same! It takes courage taking your life back from The Mind; after all it has been ruling your life from the earliest memories so feeling instead of thinking about things involves the act of trusting and the really good news is that living in this way we come into self trust; feeling who and what to trust; not putting our faith outside ourselves. I love you xoxo