A Group Experience, Guided by Gaya


February 16th, 2016.

There is potential power in a group dynamic when you see and feel yourself in the reflection of another; witnessing the Sameness of our Being, it can lead to more compassion, acceptance and love of oneself.
The opportunity is by simply witnessing others as they share, just like in a movie, you feel and experience your feelings by association. It is so much easier to see in others what we haven’t been able to see in ourselves. In that state of Oneness, without using self judgment to deny feelings, the heart can open and unconscious patterns of fear can dissolve spontaneously.
Please join me for four weeks in a weekly Experience in which we will meet with a group of 12 participants online, using Zoom technology, which allows us to interact with one another, as if we are in the same room; but in different locations in the comfort of our own space.
I will interact with the participants individually as I do in private sessions using reflection and teaching simple symbols for dream interpretation.  The focus will be on hitting the emotional blocks that are universal in humanity.
You’ll need a Computer;  Zoom, a free online service, and an Open Heart.
Dates: 4 Sundays from 12 to 2pm (PST)
February 28th - March 20th, 2016
Cost $120.00