Why it's Not Your Job to do the Creating

At a very young age we didn’t have to make a plan or think to create the creation would just burst out of us like steam from a tea kettle, back then we were just playing. As we grew up, we learned that there may be repercussions for our creations such as judgements, opinions, a bad grade, etc. We are taught that we can “do it wrong” and we become afraid of doing it wrong.

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Creativity is more than creativity. Creativity is energy, the kind of energy that heals and inspires, uplifts and expands. When Creativity is moving, it feels good in the body. It feels good in the mind. It feels good everywhere.

Creativity takes off running when we allow it. It is always there, at the gate, ready to go, ready to explore, ready to inhale happy breaths of joy. It is always there.

We think our job is to do the creating, to be the creative, to make creativity happen - but actually, our job is not that at all. Our job is to establish an inner “allowing” so that Creativity can happen. Creativity is the by-product of a state of mind, an unconditional field of being, wide open and welcoming to anything that wants to express itself.

Creativity knows no limits, no conditions, no rules. It is unconditional love in motion and it accepts all. It does not see black as black. It does not see white as white. It does not judge. It does not exclude. It is a grand embracement of all that we are. That’s why it feels so good when Creativity happens.

We are born knowing how to create and use our intuition. In order to bring that back we must become fearless and learn to go back to our Wild and Wonderful nature where we know and trust our intuition, where we know how to play and use our imagination. This doesn’t come from learning, it comes from unlearning. Unlearning that we can “do it wrong”, unlearning that it’s bad to fail or make a mistake. Unlearning that it’s our job to do the creating. We are all just beings having a human experience and everything is just a wonderful story. In the end, does any of it really matter?

LET’S JUST PLAY and allow creativity to move through us and CREATE to your hearts content.

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Tami Heart

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