How to Stay Young with no Tucks, Lifts or Expensive Products: 3 Age Defying Secrets

Isn’t it interesting that we are all so worried about getting old. We get shots and tucks, lifts and fills to make us look younger. We tan our skin, or stay out of the sun. We diet, color our hair, try any product that claims it will stop the signs of aging or smooth out all our lumps, bumps and “imperfections”. These things are all great, and I admit I like to color my hair and I could be considered a “product junkie”. But this one little statement that came from my five year old nephew was better than any product, plastic surgery, or lump remover on the market. Read on to find out what he said.

“Age may wrinkle the face, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.” Danish Proverb

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Sliding down the “Big” flight of stairs at my Moms house on my rear end, I was racing side by side my 5 year old nephew, Trey. We were giggling and teasing each other as we would both take turns beating the other to the bottom, then turning right around we would run back up to the top and slide down again. Pretty soon his little brother, 18 month old Briggs wanted to join in the fun. He sat upon my lap as we raced against his brother laughing and sliding, bumping and landing in a pile at the bottom of the stairs. With both boys piled on top of me, I tickled them as we all laughed and stood up for another round. When we reached the top we sat resting for a few minutes and Trey with his sweet little five year old voice asked, “Aunt Tam how old are you?” I responded, Oh Trey I am really old, I am in my 40’s. He giggled and responded, “I thought you were a teenager”.

1- Never Stop Playing

I asked myself, what made Trey think I was so young? It had absolutely nothing to do with my looks. It had everything to do with my enthusiasm and desire to play.

When it comes to playing with my nephews, it’s not a surprise to find me at the top of the slide in the McDonalds play-land, or chasing them around the house. I have not lost my desire to ride the biggest roller coaster no matter how sick it makes me, or slide spread eagle head first along a slip n slide on a hot day. My desire and enthusiasm to play and be childlike gave Trey the impression that I was young. A young heart shines through beyond any physical trait. If you are too busy living and playing there isn’t time to worry about getting old.

2- Always Ask Questions and Be Curious Enough to Find the Answers

Curiosity has also been one of my personality traits, much to the demise of my poor mom. Curiosity gives us motivation to move forward and try something new. It takes us on a different path and leads us down a road that keeps us alive and youthful.

There is nothing more fun than exploring a new city, or finding a new kind of food to taste. It’s so fun meeting new and different people and listening to their stories. Or learning about a whole new culture and then exploring that culture. Ask questions and listen with an open heart and pure innocence, curiosity and interest. Why Not? I have a beautiful little saying in my bathroom that I get the opportunity to read every day. It has been one of my mantras for a few years now, it says;

“The World is full of people who will go their whole lives and not actually LIVE one day, she did not intend on being one of them” ~Curly Girl Designs

3- Keep Your Heart as Light as a Feather and enjoy things that make you Laugh, ALOT!

The last thing that I believe really keeps a person young is Laughter. There is nothing like a weekend with my 5 sisters. We laugh and laugh. There have been times, we were driving and we had to pull over, we were all laughing so hard. When we start laughing we forget what it is we are laughing at because we start laughing at our laughing. Then one of us snorts and the laughing becomes tearful and torturous in a hilarious sort of way. Once the laughing subsides WOW!! what a wonderful rush of relief but in a “man that was good” sort of way.

You can almost feel the endorphins swimming around in your entire body absorbing and expanding from the benefits of the hilarity of it all. Once you’ve had a good laugh, who cares if your wrinkle cream is working, or if your boobs are sagging a little...if they weren’t, there would be one less thing to laugh about, right?

If you are breathing, you are aging, if you are aging, you are living. I think it’s time to celebrate living. Play more, laugh more and be more curious. If you are busy doing all of these things, there is less time to worry about the wrinkles or the gray hair.

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