January 2017.  Hello everybody!  We are happy to share with you some photos of our last retreat in Teotihuacan, Mexico. It is our signature retreat, and this time don Miguel, don Miguel Jr and don Jose where the ones who guided the group. On this retreat is where we apply and go deeper into understanding what the Toltec Teachings are all about. We spend five days together, sharing meals, laughs, and tears.  Definitely great memories, and a wonderful group that will be forever in our hearts.

Day 1 inside the classroom. don Miguel shares words of wisdom with the group.


Day 1 on the grounds of Teotihuacan. don Miguel Jr. talks about “The Plaza of Hell”.


Day 1 on the grounds. don Miguel talks about “The Island of Safety”, the first time in nearly ten years!


Day 2. We go to Tetitla. don Jose shares himself with passion!


Day 2. This trip is full of surprises. don Miguel climbs the Pyramid of the Moon and takes pictures of the group.


don Miguel talks to the group and responds questions.


Why not take photos with the locals?

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Day 3. Getting ready to climb the Pyramid of the sun!


Our view from the top!


We Had the opportunity to witness Aztec Dancers and their beautiful rituals.


Dancing and celebrating at our New Years party!



Thank you everyone who took part of this wonderful journey. It was truly magical!