1. Identity

Duration: 11:05
don Miguel asks the question, “are you really what you think you are?”

Through this selection ask yourself:

  • Can you describe yourself without using adjectives?
  • What is stopping me from being authentic?


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2. Your Story

Duration: 12:50 mins

We forget that we are telling a “story” about our life.  We identify with the image and story we tell about ourselves – and it is our creation.  With imagination and awareness, we can understand how that story began.

Sometimes we identify so strongly with the story we tell about the person we see in the mirror, not even realizing how much we distort what we see.  When we combine imagination with awareness we have the opportunity to understand how that distortion began. By facing knowledge, we face our own identity and the image we create of ourselves.

  • What stories have you created about yourself that are not true?
  • Who are you, without the opinion of your parents, friends, others?
  • Is there a conflict in your mind between what you think you know about yourself, and who you really are?


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