“Teo” as don Miguel likes to call it, is short for Teotihuacan – a Nahuatl word that means “where humans awake and become God” and is an incredible pyramid complex just outside of Mexico City. There are many stories and perspectives about the history of this monumental place, and don Miguel Ruiz has constantly created beautiful mythologies about its use as a spiritual center as well as a beautiful example of the power of imagination, awareness, action and love.

The Power Tools for The Agreements for Life were recorded at a live lecture in Teotihuacan, Mexico, and it is comprised of six audio tracks with an accompanying written passage and exercise. In this series, don Miguel will take you on a thoughtful journey through responsibility and transformation. These tools and exercises will give you an understanding of how you can look deep into your own personal story, make the necessary changes, and understand what’s keeping you from living a happier-meaningful life.

All six tracks will be available for your enjoyment for sixty consecutive days, and you can listen to them at your own pace and leisure. We recommend listening in the following sequence.

As you listen to the next selection, feel the words and let your imagination guide you into creating New Agreements for Life. You can click on any of the titles below to go to that lesson.

  1. Identity
  2. Your Story
  3. Awareness
  4. The Rule of Nagual
  5. Near Death Experience
  6. Responsibility