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The Story of Something

The story of a man of who believed he was nothing, then became something, and turns out he was something else. Are you nothing? are you something? or are you something else?


Reviewing Your Past

Take this moment to review our past. With awareness you will see that your past is not true anymore. The past is just a reference to justify the present. Witness your story without judging yourself. What have you been practicing until now?


The Plaza of Hell

The Plaza of Hell in Teotihuacan represents our mind. In the middle there is a structure where you feel completely safe. What are your angels and demons telling you? How do you interact with power, and how do you treat other people and yourself?


Unconditional Love

Real love is truth. We learn to love with conditions, but giving love unconditionally, without expecting anything in return is our true nature.



Do you see your own perfection? Do you see perfection in everyone else and all of those around you?


Attach and Detach

Feel the pleasure of the rhythm of life. Experience your emotions, ideas, and then let them go.



You can use your intent to get what you want. What is the difference between intent and intention? Intent is the force that moves matter and intention is based on knowledge. Are you using your intent or intentions?



Your mind is like the tree of Knowledge. It is what you believe you are. Do you understand how you create the story of your life, and how perfect everything is? Be skeptical but learn to listen to those around you. Listen and then decide what helps you to keep exploring life.





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