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Intro To Teotihuacan

In this first introductory video, Don Miguel, Don Jose, and Don Miguel Jr invite you on a journey through Teotihuacan, as they share a taste of their teachings given over the last 20 years visiting the sacred site of the Toltecs.
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Plaza Of Quetzalcoatl

In this video, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr reminds us that the main function of the human mind is to dream. When we come together, the result is a collective dream of “us”. That is why they begin with this particular plaza. The Plaza of Quetzalcoatl is also referred to as the “Plaza of Hell” because it represents the collective dream of humanity, with all of it’s distortions, conflicting beliefs, perpetuation of lies, creating internal and external conflict. As don Miguel Jr says, “We gave up our authentic self when we preferred the illusion over the truth.” Thus begins a journey of self discovery. In the center of that giant plaza is a small Island of Safety that represents our identity and the beliefs we carry that make us feel safe in the collective world dream.
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Exercise – Plaza Of Quetzalcoatl

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr and Don Jose Ruiz both offer an exercise to find three stones that represent any distorted beliefs that you have, or become aware of. Use those stones as a representation of those agreements and reflect on how they have impacted your life. Don Jose shares a little about his own personal transformation and offers inspiration that you can use with your own stones.
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The Island Of Safety

In this video, Don Miguel Ruiz Sr. shares his vision of the Plaza of Quetzalcoatl as the entire universe, and the little Island of Safety that sits in the center of that field as a representation of your brain. Within this little island is where your whole understanding of humanity exists. Here is where you can see all your beliefs and everything that you know. Here is where the fear of the unknown leads you to try to understand everything and search for answers in order to feel safe, regardless of what those answer may be. You come to this place to face what you think you are.
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The Temple Of Quetzalcoatl

In this video, Don Jose Ruiz shares his vision of the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl that overlooks the giant Plaza, and Island of Safety below. His personal and candid stories offer a glimpse into his personal transformation. With courage, you can take the mask off and have respect for yourself, and instead of sacrificing your love, you can instead embody love.
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Exercise – Temple Of Quetzalcoatl

Don Jose Ruiz shares a mirror exercise that you can practice everyday.
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Avenue of the Dead

In this video, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr shares his vision of his journey through the long avenue that runs through Teotihuacan. Representing our personal journey that runs through a dream that other people share, the Avenue will take us through a series of plazas that will help us focus our attention on specific aspects of transformation.
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Exercise – Avenue Of The Dead

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. shares some homework ideas such as starting a new discipline or cross a threshold that your mind didn’t think you could accomplish.
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Plaza Of Temptation

In this video, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr shares his thoughts of this first plaza along the Avenue of the Dead, also known as the plaza of the mind. The name is a reminder about how easy it is to re-engage in what we used to know. Here you learn how to engage in your own process with discipline and effort.
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Exercise – Plaza Of Temptation

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr shares the exercise of using another stone to represent yourself and the temptation to recreate the same Story and conditions you let go of in the Plaza of Quetzalcoatl. By burying and letting go of that stone we can give so much gratitude and unconditional love to that story.
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Plaza Of Water

In this video Don Jose Ruiz shares his flow of words and poetry of water, emotion, and forgiveness. He asks an important question: What excuses do you use to not purify your life right now?
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Plaza Of Water- Part 2

In this video, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr shares his thoughts on using our awareness to respect our emotions, and use those feelings as an instrument of transformation.
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Exercise – Plaza Of Water

Don Jose Ruiz shares an exercise about water, meditation, and flow that you can do anytime at home.
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Plaza Of Air

In this video, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr shares his vision of the Plaza of Air and it’s connection with being present and having the courage to let go. Just like the inhale and exhale of breathing, the expression of gratitude and generosity create the same reciprocal cycle with every breath.
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Exercise – Plaza Of Air

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr shares an exercise he learned about being flexible and crossing thresholds that your mind thought you couldn’t or shouldn’t do.
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Plaza Of Fire

In this video, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr shares his thoughts on the Plaza of Fire and how it’s a representation of the root of our identity. At the our core is an identification with being a man or woman, as well as the learned conditions associated with those beliefs.
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Exercise – Plaza Of Fire

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr shares a memory of some of the exercises he would do in the Plaza of Fire which included the recapitulation of agreements that no longer reflect who you are in this moment, and forgive yourself for saying yes to them again and again throughout your life.
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Plaza Of Recollection

In this video, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr talks about the last Plaza before reaching the pyramid of the Moon. Here you review your life’s journey, knowing that the story you tell of yourself is only a story. This is an opportunity to totally clean and purify the memory of you. You can make the decision to no longer corrupt and distort who you are.
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Exercise – Plaza Of Recollection

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. shares a meditation from the Plaza of Recollection.
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In this video, Don Joe Ruiz shares his love for Tetitla and its power to reflect the truth back to you. With love and respect, you can become a clean messenger and live with a clean conscience.
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Tetitla – Part 2

In this video/audio, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr shares a personal story about a conversation between he and his father over dinner at a restaurant.
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Tetitla – Part 3

In this video, Don Jose Ruiz shares some words of wisdom to a group visiting Tetitla.
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Exercise – Tetitla

Don Jose Ruiz shares an exercise inspired by his experiences in Tetitla, which include being honest when you’re face to face with your reflection and what you want to change about yourself.
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Palace Of The Jaguars

In this video, Don Jose Ruiz shares that transformation can happen anywhere and at anytime. True Masters can make a masterpiece of art with their life and share that art with their family and everyone around them.
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Exercise – Palace Of The Jaguars

Don Jose Ruiz shares what he has learned in the Palace of the Jaguars, including how to direct your energy into a power object such as a stone in order to remind us of what we are currently trying to accomplish.
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Pyramid Of The Moon

In this video, Don Miguel Ruiz Sr shares his presence with a group at the top of the Pyramid of the Moon. Here he shares his description and vision of that place that exists in between your thoughts.
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Pyramid Of The Sun

In this video, Don Miguel Ruiz Sr shares an overview of the process in Teotihuacan, including the final climb of the Pyramid of the Sun. Every step up the pyramid is an opportunity to let go of whatever attachments we still have so that by the time we get to the top we have the sensation of being pure love, as light as a feather.
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