Spirit of the Toltec, Cultivating the Art from the Heart with don Jose Ruiz and Tami Hudman

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Price: $105.00 

Join don Jose Ruiz and Tami Heart in a new series of online spiritual and intuitive painting classes.

Every month on the day of the New Moon

Learn to:

  • Over come your fears
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Quiet your self judgment
  • Live more present
  • Solve problems by taking action

But most of all remember how to:

  • Have FUN

You will have 6 months to complete the course

The first class opens on August 11th, 2018

In this class you will learn how to set an intent and catch your dream by painting a beautiful dream catcher.

The Agreements For Life

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Price: $125.00

The Agreements For Life is an online program that contains 30 video lessons with written exercises and prayers of intent for each.

Come rediscover yourself in this wonderful program and experience what 30 days can do to shift the way you live and think. Wherever you live, or whatever your life experience may be, you can always apply this universal knowledge. With your awareness, will, discipline, and willingness to practice, you can make your story possible.This online course is broken down into five weeks. Each week is designed for you to experience one lesson per day with one day to rest and reflect.

The Four Agreements for a Better Life

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Price: $197.00

IMAGINE living a happier, fuller, more meaningful life. Imagine a life without conflict, without guilt, without shame. . . a life where you are free to express the real you without fear of being judged by others. . . a life where you love and accept yourself just the way you are. This way of life is entirely possible, and it’s in your hands.

“The Four Agreements for a Better Life” online course will deepen your understanding and practice of The Four Agreements, and guide you toward the life you really want to live. Watch cinema-quality videos, study at your own pace, and unlock the power of these deceptively simple agreements. It’s time to live a better life.


40 Days of Discovery Online Course

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Price: $19.99

Choose to step into the labyrinth, to see your creation and begin 40 days of discovery.

During the next 40 days you will submerse yourself into a dream of unconditional love, truth, gratitude and authenticity. The course consists of 10 lessons, a written article, homework, and an audio lesson. Take this opportunity and make the next 40 days a journey you will never forget.

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