Before I tell you about myself, I first want to express my love and gratitude to don Miguel and his sons for their open heartedness and ever constant love. They are the source of a great light that shines in my heart and it is through their kindness that I am sharing myself with you on this website.

don Miguel says, “Mother Gaya is an extremely wise woman who can help and guide you to live a better life and face any problem that stops your happiness”.

Where two or more are gathered … anything is possible

Life has brought me to a place where my deepest desire is to offer my love to diminish fear and suffering so I am offering myself as “the other” in the reflection of you in your dream.


Losing the Human Form

A process of transformation and integration occurring when your identity shifts from
the personality to the Divine Self that lives within. Your attention has turned inward
to a place of intuition and natural knowing and you’ve become aware of a Presence
that is pulling you to love, honor and respect yourSelf. It’s a calling home into Oneness, the Divine Romance. To awaken, you must see Life as it is, which means breaking through the illusion of what you think it and you should be. The mind doesn’t give up its attachment easily. If you can use my assistance in navigating this transition, I am happy to offer myself as a guide.


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