Before I tell you about myself, I first want to express my love and gratitude to don Miguel and his sons for their open heartedness and ever constant love. They are the source of a great light that shines in my heart and it is through their kindness that i am sharing myself with you on this website.

don Miguel says, “Mother Gaya is an extremely wise woman who can help and guide you to live a better life and face any problem that stops your happiness”.

Where two or more are gathered … anything is possible

Life has brought me to a place where my deepest desire is to offer my love to diminish fear and suffering so I am offering myself as “the other” in the reflection of you in your dream.

This world is a perfect energy system balancing in perfect harmony and since you are the world and the creator of your dream, your life is the perfect manifestation of what you believe to be true.

Life is always saying yes and giving you exactly what you want so if you think things aren’t turning out, the secret is to discover your mind’s hidden agenda because that is what is being realized.

When your personal identity shifts to the truth of what you are, you are living a life filled with peace and satisfaction no matter what the circumstances may be.

If you would like to work together, our meetings will be by telephone and I can serve in various ways:

  • A committed listener
  • Consulting on personal or business matters
  • Problem solving
  • A communion in which we align ourselves for a specific purpose

Please book appointments by emailing me: or visit  my website,

T:  228 222 7644
Prepay by using PayPal


  • 1 hour $120.00


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