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MindValley Reunion 2017 w/ Don Miguel Ruiz in San Diego!

August 19, 2017 - August 20, 2017



Join Mindvalley’s Best Teachers for a Gathering of Extraordinary Souls

Join us for a weekend of learning, celebration and transformation as we bring to you the Mindvalley Reunion. We are bringing together amazing teachers you might have encountered online on the Mindvalley Academy plus a few special celebrity guests.

Be one of 800 to join Mindvalley’s largest event yet. Expect to meet like minded souls and have tons of fun, Mindvalley-style.

  • Two content-packed days with a few surprises
  • Meet and connect with amazing authors.
  • A Cocktail Reception hosted by Vishen Lakhiani.
  • Join the community of thousands as we start this personal growth movement, fueled by you.
  • Connect and bond with like-minded souls from 50+ countries.
  • PLUS: A pre-event workshop with Lisa Nichols will be available for free on the Friday before the reunion starts.

Register here!

We often hear from people that education has failed them. School teaches you to be safe. But ‘safe’ is far from extraordinary.

Rather than create a life that’s a masterpiece, our education churns our people designed to lead similar lives.

Don Miguel Ruiz, our special guest speaker at Mindvalley has written many of the world’s greatest books on spirituality. His books like ‘The Four Agreements’ and ‘Mastery of Love’ although written 19 years ago, still top best-sellers list today.

Don Miguel Ruiz once told Vishen. “My books are based on Toltec wisdom. You know what Toltec means? It means ‘artist’. This wisdom is about being the ARTIST of your own life and turning your life into a work of ART.”=

Beautiful words right?

Yet our education thus far does not teach us to create lives that are works of art. Instead, it teaches us to create lives that look that we simple photocopied a standardized 1970 version of what living should be. And so so many of us live far below our potential.

But what if you could bring new found wisdom, energy and power into all dimensions of your life?

And boost this with new-found friends.

This is where the Mindvalley Reunion comes in.

Jon us! Click here for more info.