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Living In Oneness Summit – Free Online

May 7, 2014 @ 8:00 am - May 18, 2014 @ 5:00 pm

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If Oneness is Ultimate Reality, let’s Learn it, Live it & Love it in All Parts of Our Life

 -Multiple Programs Each Day

Free Live Program – Broadcasting Worldwide

Hear from Our Amazing Lineup of 35 Speakers!

don Jose and don Miguel will be speaking on May 9th @ 8:30 am Pacific.  

Many people have lost their sense of being truly alive and fulfilled. Often there is a feeling of being out of balance and “stuck”.

The Living in Oneness Summit focuses on how we can embrace the Divine within so we restore our joy, play, grace and beauty. Our speakers will specifically address how we live as One: in our own life, with our significant other, parenting our children, in the workplace and as a public service leader. 

Most people we know are looking for tools to really live as One. There is a sense that our lives can be fuller, our relationships can be more, our parenting can model what Oneness looks like, our workplace can be more spiritually conscious and more alive and our leadership can be based more on authenticity and heart-based action. These are the things our speakers will discuss during the summit.

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Living The Five Pillars for Success

The Living in Oneness summit shows you how.

Learn to live and breathe as One here and now in these five paradigms:

1. Self (One with Divine Life)

What does it look like to be in Divine relationship when you’re experiencing chronic pain? Or when you feel your life lacks purpose? What does Oneness mean when you feel alone? We will share with you the tools for returning to joy and a fulfilled life.

2. Relationship with significant Other

It doesn’t matter if you are dating, just starting your lives together or raising a family… Your beloved is part of the Divine and so are you. How do you maintain this deep connection and divinity day after day, year after year and challenge after challenge? How do you accept that Oneness is never lost despite the loss of your beloved-in death, in divorce or in parting? Join us as we explore the solutions to the deep rooted issues all couples face.

3. Parenting

Raising children brings joy and challenges in every moment, so how can you stay conscious while raising a family? How can you feel the Oneness pulse when you’re tired and fed up and you’re not sure you’ll ever get this parenting thing right? Join us as we explore what it takes to be a present, spiritually conscious and loving parent.

4. Business/Professional

A new way of conducting business is emerging, a kind and compassionate approach to business. It is spiritually conscious business. What does this mean for you? How can you co-create this seamless energy that embraces all that you do in your job and dharma? Join us as we share new tools for business that are revolutionizing the business landscape.

5. Leadership and Public Service

What can you do today to lead and to be of service to others? How small or how big does your contribution need to be? How do you know that you’re making any sort of positive impact? How do you remain spiritually conscious when pressures become intense? Join our remarkable thought leaders as they share their strategies for leadership that work.

Learn essential ingredients for living Your Life as One in the five major areas of life!

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May 7, 2014 @ 8:00 am
May 18, 2014 @ 5:00 pm
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