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Querétaro, México


Este pasado 22 de junio tuve la gran oportunidad de viajar a la ciudad de Querétaro para dar una conferencia en el Auditorio Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez.  Aparte de compartir los Acuerdos con mis amigos mexicanos, también tuve la oportunidad de salir a conocer la ciudad, una ciudad muy bella por cierto, y también platicar […]

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Yo Soy el Cambio

This event in Mexico City was a great way to celebrate and invite everyone to participate in being our own change.

The host, Andrés Portillo and Claudia Lizaldi did a great job in envisioning this dream and make it happen.

Este evento llevado a cabo en la Ciudad de México, fue una gran celebración e invitación a […]

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don Miguel’s Photo Shoot

We filmed a segment about my family and it gave me a chance to go through some old photos.


Here’s a photo of me with my brothers when I was a little boy. That’s me on the top right. This picture was taken in 1953 in the Colonia Independencia in Tijuana, Mexico where we used to live. […]

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Time of Gratitude

This journey to Teo was absolutely a time of gratitude!

Everyone opened their hearts and radiated their message just by being authentic in their own way.

I am so grateful for the gift they all have given me, and it goes beyond words.

Thank you everyone for participating and making a change in children’s lives.

Here is a recap […]

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GATE 2 in Los Angeles

The Gate 2 event was recently held in Los Angeles this past Saturday February 4th and was a wonderful event to be a part of.  It was a celebration of the consciousness in the media and a chance to see such amazing people sharing their love.

Upon arrival we were greeted by many photographers and media networks asking questions.

We […]

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Hi everyone!

We are happy to share with you a live stream of GATE Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment

The live events begin at 9:00 AM, Saturday, February 4th —

Daytime Event: GATE Transformational Story Conference

“Awakening Spirit Through Transformation”

9 AM to 5 PM PT

And then, in the evening, the GATE 2 celebration begins at 6:30 PM —

Evening Event: GATE 2: […]

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Costa Rica 2011

On Thanksgiving day we arrived in Costa Rica. We shared and celebrated in front of the ocean, with gratitude to be able to keep working, to be alive, to be with our loved ones and to expand our love and message around the world with all of you.

Playa del Pan Azucar in Costa Rica – […]

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Vancouver with Kuba


On Saturday night, Kuba Oms and I shared the stage at Unity Vancouver.

It was an amazing weekend with beautiful people and great friends.


We had a great dinner at Rodney’s Oyster House… incredible!

Kuba and me enjoying a night of oysters.

Kuba Oms, Joby Baker, Eva and me are working on the first song of a potential album.

The […]

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Evolve Expo: Denver, Co.

The past weekend we were in Denver for the Evolve Expo, another 11-11-11 event.

I had a great time and it was a wonderful experience.

We arrived to Denver Saturday morning. From the airport we went straight to Evolve Expo and I was ready to start!

I had a great time  talking about The Four Agreements and The […]

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The 11.11.11 was a great day. We celebrated at the PeaceLink event with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith and many more amazing artists and people.


Getting ready – Agape is always an inspiring place to be.

Miguel and Eva with Bill and Inga Gladstone. Lou Gossett Jr joins in the back ground.

Interesting conversations in the green room.

Friends  John […]

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