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You may have noticed how your mind comments on what’s going on, all day long. You think, in other words. We humans think a lot. Thinking seems harmless enough– our thoughts keep us company, after all. When there’s no one around to talk to, we have friend who understands us. We have a compatible [...]

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The Three Questions and the Teachings of a Master

Imagination is our greatest power. If we humans can imagine something, we can make it real. We can use it against ourselves or we can use it to benefit our dream and all of humanity. The Three Questions explores a few simple ways that imagination can expand awareness. My name is Barbara Emrys, and [...]

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Book Tour!

November 5th, 2015.  We are very happy and honored to share with you an amazing experience. Thank you to Harper Collins and their team, all the bookstores, and supporters that made this book tour possible.


San Francisco, CA


With Claudia from Harper Collins.


At Celebrate Your Life!



Doing media in Los Angeles, CA before the [...]

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