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A Valentine Story


I like February. It’s a modest month, lingering just long enough to remind us that winter isn’t over before yielding to the madness of March. And right in the middle of our cold weather fatigue, February gives us a heart-warming gift. It reminds us to be romantic.

The word romance refers to the stories we […]

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Being All Right

Getting along with with other people is a constant challenge, but one that’s worth our time and effort. Relationships are the most important part of being human. We’re happiest when we’re able to share love with another person. We feel safe when we have the support of other people. And yet somehow we continue to […]

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The Seasons of You

This is the time of year when cultural traditions around the globe celebrate the wonder
of renewal. In the northern hemisphere, the longest nights of winter are dwindling,
inviting the possibility of new birth. In the south, springtime has yielded to summer days
and the promise of abundance. Once again, the sun is making its farthest appearance
from the […]

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The Walk of the Nagual

The wisest among us can see beyond words, beyond stories, and recognize himself as the life that courses through all matter. There’s a word in the Toltec tradition for such a person, and its implications go far. The word is nagual, which it refers to the unseen energy that creates all manifest life. Nagual men and women […]

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One Truth

Common sense tells us there is only one Truth: life and death. To put it differently, there is only energy and matter. One is the eternal force of creation, and the other cannot survive without that force. It’s not so complicated. Truth is simple, no matter how we overthink or romanticize it.

There is no such […]

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Conversations with Barbara Emrys


Listen to the recordings:

January 29th, 2019

November 20th, 2018 – Gratitude

October 15th, 2018

September 18, 2018

August 21, 2018




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No Comment

You may have noticed how your mind comments on what’s going on, all day long. You think, in other words. We humans think a lot. Thinking seems harmless enough– our thoughts keep us company, after all. When there’s no one around to talk to, we have friend who understands us. We have a compatible […]

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The Three Questions and the Teachings of a Master

Imagination is our greatest power. If we humans can imagine something, we can make it real. We can use it against ourselves or we can use it to benefit our dream and all of humanity. The Three Questions explores a few simple ways that imagination can expand awareness. My name is Barbara Emrys, and […]

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The Dream Journal

by Don Jose Ruiz

Don Jose Ruiz, acclaimed author and motivational speaker, presents his first album: The Dream Journal. Bringing forth the wisdom of the Toltec tradition, the album is a journey of spoken-word story telling infused with rich musical undertones.

Genre: New Age: Shamanic
Release Date: 2017

The Dream Journal presents the wisdom of the Toltec tradition in a new format. […]

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don Miguel Ruiz to be part of Tijuana’s Walk of Fame

Thank you so much to Tijuana Innovadora for indicting me into the Tijuana Hall of Fame, Generation 2017. I am so happy to have received this honor, along with my fellow honorees. You have all my love.

Muchas gracias a Tijuana Innovadora por introducirme al Paseo de la Fama de Tijuana, Generación 2017. Estoy muy feliz […]

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