July 7th, 2015. In the past years as a guide and mentor, I’ve found that some questions keep coming up. It might be our human nature, or a symptom of our times, but I want to share with you my personal way of addressing these topics as it may be helpful for you, or for someone you know. So here it goes, the birth of a Q&A column!


Q: What can I do if I’m feeling depressed?

G: Depression can be a result of repressed feelings and when we resist feeling what we are feeling, it persists and can develop into a pervasive condition. The mind judges everything and everyone; especially ourselves, and blocks the feeling by hooking our attention into thinking instead of feeling. I use the analogy of going to a restaurant and eating the menu with your eyes instead of eating the meal! That’s what we are doing when we are thinking about how we feel instead of feeling. The mind is eating our lives! Feelings exist simply to be felt. It takes courage to feel as deeply as we can because the message of the Mind is, don’t go there, you’ll get stuck or it is going to hurt. Don’t listen to those messages, feelings aren’t dangerous. It is the resistance and judgment that hurts and keeps us stuck. To the extent that you allow yourself to go into the depth of your feelings and completely experience them, you will equally rise that high as the heaviness of emotions transform into Light. The challenge is how much can you love? How much can you love yourself because that is really all there is….self love. Let go of any judgment of yourself, learn from what hasn’t worked well for you and choose to feed yourself love and acceptance.

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