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The Three Questions on Watkins Magazine.
August, 2018.


Meet Tom Brady’s Shaman.  The Patriots quarterback’s obsession with the mystical advice book, ‘The Four Agreements’
January 31, 2017. Article by Jason Gay for The Wall Street Journal.

Suspended Disbelief: Tom Brady seals status as greatest QB ever in Super Bowl LI.
February 13, 2017. Article by Greg Bishop for Sports Illustrated.

The Four Agreements and The Five Levels of Attachment within “4 Books That Will Make You Stronger and More Resilient in 2017”
January 12, 2017. Article by Business Insider.

Brady taking solace in the words of the Four Agreements
October 13, 2016. Video Interview with ESPN.

Joey Badass, Raury and Dizzy Wright Discuss the Impact ‘The Four Agreements’ Has on Their Life
July 19, 2016. By Sidney Madden for XLL Magazine.

3.3.2013 Int dMR
SUPER SOUL SUNDAY: Oprah and don Miguel Ruiz
March 3, 2013. Aired on OWN by Oprah.

SUPER SOUL SUNDAY. Breathing Space:
don Miguel Ruiz’s Place of Inspiration
March 3, 2013. Aired on OWN by Oprah.

SUPER SOUL SUNDAY: Soul to Soul with don Miguel Ruiz
March 3, 2013. Aired on OWN by Oprah.

Best-selling author don Miguel Ruiz chats about his new book.
November 2, 2015. Fox 5 News San Diego.

Quién es Miguel Ruiz? Entrevista con Univision. Noviembre 2015. Con Luis Sandoval.

don Miguel Ruiz talks with Insight Events. Interview with don Miguel Ruiz. October 20th, 2015. With Jacob Nordby.

Articles & Interviews


02/06/2017 – Interview with don Miguel Ruiz – Peter Bregman Podcast

01/22/2017 – Entrevista a Don Miguel Ruiz Jr – Liz Arguedas

01/24/2017 – Interview with don Miguel Ruiz Jr – Lisa McDonald

10/22/2013 – 4 Reasons You’re Stressed at Work– Maria Coder

09/3/2013 – Entrevista con don Miguel Ruiz, El Pais, Colombia (En Español)

6/21/2013 – How Do We Construct The Dream of Us? – don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

06/9/2013 – don Miguel Ruiz Junior & Senior – by OM Times Magazine

05/10/2013 – What am I? don Miguel Ruiz Jr. on being Mexican-American, Mestizo,Toltec – by NBC Latino

04/05/2013 – Knowledge Are you using it, or is it Using you? – by Whole Living Journal

04/18/2013 – ‘The Four Agreements’ Gets a Boost From Oprah’s ‘Super Soul Sunday’ – by Publisher’s Weekly

03/01/2013 – don Miguel Ruiz: The Power of Doubt – by OWN

02/27/2013 – Don Miguel Ruiz’s Prayers for Freedom and Love – by OWN

02/27/2013 – The Day That Changed don Miguel Ruiz’s Life Forever – by OWN

02/27/2013 – How to live The Four Agreements: Q&A with don Miguel Ruiz – by OWN

02/26/2013 – Recommended Reading: The Fifth Agreement – by OWN

02/26/2013 – Book It! Favorite Moticational Books -The Four Agreements – by Advantages Magazine

02/08/2013 – Are You Using Knowledge, or Is Knowledge Using You? – Huffington Post

01/18/2013 – The Word of Lance Armstrong – FOXBusiness

12/21/2012 – December 21st 2012: A New Beginning… – Huffington Post

12/18/2012 – Three Days of Love: A Global Celebration of Love and Kindness – San Francisco Chronicle

The Fifth Agreement – Personal Excellence June 2012 issue

The Fifth Agreement – Associated Content

The Fifth Agreement – Sheri’s World Book Review

The Fifth Agreement  Savionaires

How People Plan to Change the World in 2011 Written by Christine Garvin

What Kind of Messenger Are You? By don Miguel Ruiz , don Jose Ruiz and Janet Mills

The Fifth Agreement Review Review by Mischa Geracoulis

The Five Agreements That Help Me to Change the World by don Miguel Ruiz and don Jose Ruiz, with Janet Mills

The Power of Doubt: When Being Skeptical Is a Good Thing By don Miguel Ruiz and don Jose Ruiz

A Night of Transformationby Michael James

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