Born in France as the child of an American diplomat, Barbara grew up in Europe, Africa and the West Indies. Her writings reflect this diverse cultural upbringing and the universality of human behavior and feeling. Her appreciation for language has given her works a clear yet poetic style. As young adult, Barbara began an career as an actress, which led to years of work on television, stage and film. She has worked both in front of the camera and as a writer and co-producer of independent movies.

Twenty years ago, she suspended her acting career to raise her son in New Mexico. During her years living there, she met don Miguel Ruiz and began an extensive apprenticeship with him. Her shamanic training, as well as her subsequent work as a teacher of Toltec Dreaming, have provided her with unique perspectives regarding the human mind. She describes her approach as “using knowledge to transcend knowledge,” encouraging the mind modify old patterns and stories for the sake of a more productive life. Barbara’s attributes her collaborations with don Miguel, in the classroom and in their writing, as the source of inspiration and heightened creativity over the span of twenty years.
They have published two books together: The Toltec Art of Life and Death and The Three
Questions. Barbara has also written her own illuminating novels, including one based on
her own experiences as a teenager living in Africa, titled The Red Clay of Burundi. Her
second book, Dreams of Mirabal, tells of a young woman’s shamanic journey and the
guidance she receives from a mysterious and charismatic teacher. She has other literary
projects in development and looks forward to finding more ways to share and inspire.
It has been her privilege to teach for so many years, beginning with the simplest lessons
from ancient Toltec tradition, to the common sense wisdom of The Four Agreements– to
the mastery of human awareness and the art of creating a loving relationship with life.

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